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AIA Refuel Program Accreditation

Queensland Timber Flooring has been accredited under the Australian Institute of Architects Refuel Continuing Professional Development program. We are very proud to be aligned with this important program and are looking forward to working with architects and designers to promote professionally delivered timber flooring solutions. ..

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Timber Floor Care & Maintenance

Maintenance advice for your finished timber floor.

The surface treatment of all floors is exposed and depending on traffic will endure differing levels of natural wear. Therefore, regular cleaning & maintenance is essential.

Newly finished floors must not be walked on within 48 hours once coated and then only with socks. Be careful as all coating systems take 7 – 10 days to fully cure and during this period the floor can easily be damaged. It is advisable to fit felt or carpet pads to all furniture bases to minimise the risk of scratching the floor coating.

Please Note: some furniture has pre-fitted plastic feet, these need to be removed and replaced with felt or carpet. When mopping your floor use a “damp” mop to avoid leaving large residues of water on the floor.

General Maintenance

Regularly dry mop with an antistatic mop or vacuum with (soft head vacuum) to reduce dust and abrasive particles. Damp mop floors as and when required to remove dirt and grime.

For routine washing use warm water and an approved floor cleaning similar to Polycure “Aquacare” or Feast Watson “Floor clean”.

Please Note: Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners.  

What should I do?

What should I avoid or be aware of?

Remember, Timber and Water don't mix so…



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