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AIA Refuel Program Accreditation

Queensland Timber Flooring has been accredited under the Australian Institute of Architects Refuel Continuing Professional Development program. We are very proud to be aligned with this important program and are looking forward to working with architects and designers to promote professionally delivered timber flooring solutions. ..

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Timber Floor Finishes

Floor sanding and polishing is usually the last process when building or renovating a home.  When the floor is finished it is important to leave the floor coating to cure for several days before anyone walks on the floor.

One of the most important aspects of a timber floor is choosing the right finish to suit your needs. There are generally five main types of floor finishes that are available: Solvent-based Polyurethane, Water-based Polyurethane, Modified Oils, Tung Oils and Hard Waxes. Each of these finishes have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we cover some of these below. If you wish to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.


Commercial Waterbase

Water based Polyurethane is more environmentally friendly finish than the Solvent based polyurethane as it has less VOC's, is odourless and quick drying.

Solvent Polyurethane

Solvent based Polyurethane used to be the most widely used mainly due to the limited range of alternative products available.

Hard Wax Oil

Queensland Timber Flooring has had enormous success with this finish since its recent introduction to the Australian market.


Lime Wash can be very affective on hard Australian timbers. Limed Oak accentuates the grain structure giving a spectacular affect.


French Oak flooring is the most popular timber to be stained due to its open grain. Queensland Timber Flooring specialise in hand staining to suit your individual taste and decor.