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ATFA Level 3 Accreditation

Queensland Timber Flooring has been awarded Level 3 Accreditation with the Australasian Timber Flooring Association. This is the highest level of ATFA Accreditation available and confirms that QTF has robust and effective business processes, quality assured installations and provides the highest quality services and support to our customers. ..

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Timber Flooring Styles

At Queensland Timber Flooring we offer a comprehensive range of traditional Tongue & Groove flooring in Australian species as well as some exotic imported timbers. Working with architects and designers, we are able to compliment their individual designs from the nautical ambiance of a "ship deck" caulked Beech floor, to the rustic appeal of wideboard flooring including Roasted, Hand Stained, Limewashed French Oak flooring, and a full range of genuine Recycled timbers.


Timber Grading

Flooring is manufactured in different grades of appearance and is produced in accordance with the Australian Standards (AS2796). When purchasing your floor, make sure it complies with this Australian Standard.

Tongue and Groove flooring

Queensland Timber Flooring offer a comprehensive range of traditional Tongue and Groove flooring in Australian species as well as some exotic imported timbers.

Wide Boards

We offer a variety of prestige wide board flooring in most grades from 180mm to 240mm in Australian species, American Oak and Recycled Timbers.

Roasted Timber Flooring

Our innovative Mill is processing timber that uses ultra high temperatures to change the molecular structure of the hardwood and create an extremely stable, more durable denser product with a deep coffee colour.

Solid French Oak

French Oak timber flooring has unique grain features which lend itself to hand staining and liming.

Provence French Oak Collection

Our Provence collection of pre-finished French Oak flooring is available in 6 styles, each with their own unique colourings and grain structure.

Recycled Timber

Recycled Flooring is a unique floorboard due to the natural features and variations in colours from deep forest reds to soft golden creams.


Parquetry has been around for centuries offering a distinct formal appeal. As well as the traditional patterns of Herringbone and Basketweave, parquetry design is limited only by your imagination.


This environmentally friendly grass is an alternative to timber, is pleasant to walk on and beautiful to look at - yet harder than the hardest hardwoods.

Engineered Flooring

Queensland Timber Flooring offer engineered hardwood flooring which combines the sophistication of a traditional timber floor with a pre-finished engineered timber floor in a variety of Australian hardwood timber species.